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This children’s series is about a local female Police Officer who causes mayhem and chaos wherever she goes.
Despite being clumsy and always getting it rather wrong, PC Polly always wins in the end. It’s just that she looks like she has been through a battle by the time she’s finished. But’s that’s just the way PC Polly is.

PC Polly has been persuaded to assist the local outdoor museum with an event they are holding. Her role is to work and dress as an old style female Police Officer would have done.
After talking to her Mam, who used to be an Officer in the old days, PC Polly feels that she is well prepared to fill the role.
But that’s not the case.
If things can go wrong for PC Polly, then they will. But never on such a grand scale as this.
PC Deekin the dog handler is poorly. He should have been at the local school today giving his safety talk to the children there.

Rather than disappoint the school children, it's decided that PC Polly can do the safety talk instead taking the two dogs Bobby and Old Bailey along too. Whose bright idea was that?

As school visits go this one was dealt with PC Polly style. Full of chaos, noise, very bad smells but lots of fun. Until the sneezes start that is.

Poor PC Polly.
Enjoy her attempts at police operations and her close working partnerships with police dogs too. Whatever it is PC Polly shines through. Or she goes home to sulk.