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The seventh book in the Granny Ridley Series.
Granny Ridley, Brenda and Sylvia have been looking forward to their weekend away in a caravan in the countryside enjoying ‘Nature’ at its best.
The eighth book in the Granny Ridley Series.
It’s Christmas Day. Whilst waiting for Granny Ridley to arrive, Jennifer her daughter, entertains the family with tales from Granny Ridley’s past.
Who did throw that snowball at the Police?
Who was that snow-woman?
Granny Ridley’s not saying.

The ninth book in the Granny Ridley Series.
In the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood was lovely, and kind, and sweet.
Then along came Granny Ridley dressed in red. That changed the big bad wolf’s mind.
What they didn’t consider was the amount of ‘Nature’ they would have in a farmer’s field.
And ‘Nature’ was in for a surprise too!
Just shows how wrong some fairy tales can be.