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Charlie Dryden is a young boy living on the 17th floor of a block of flats. He has an older brother, Keith, who he has to share a room with. Not like his best friend Alan who lives in a semi-detached house which was a palace in comparison to Charlie’s home. It was great if you got invited to go there for tea. Alan had his own room too as he was an only child, the lucky so and so.

Mam had their home looking nice, and it wasn’t too bad sharing with Keith, but wouldn’t it be nice to have your own room and a back garden to play in too.

Charlie loves playing cricket and football with Keith and Alan. They do this as often as they can. When school, and Mam, allows that is. They are good lads too. Never get into trouble. Never go looking for trouble. They just enjoy life.
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Sometimes though, trouble finds them or more so Charlie. Then it involves Keith and Alan.

Charlie just seems to have a knack of finding things going on around him, that are out of the ordinary. Charlie has a natural inquisitive nature, and this does lead him into “adventures” as he calls them. But always with the right intentions and a positive result. Charlie, Keith, and Alan have already received commendations from the Chief Constable for their actions. That made Mam and Dad proud too.

In the course of Charlie’s “adventures”, he has met and befriended DCI Vince Scott, who knows that if Charlie is on to something, then there is something to be looked at very carefully. Which he does.

Join Charlie’s “adventures” and see what you think.
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